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Top-Rated Tactics

Learn directly from a Fiverr top-rated seller and discover the secrets to freelance success.


Interactive Live Classes

Dive into real-time learning with live classes interact, ask questions, and gain insights.


Multi-App Mastery

Become a pro in Premiere Pro, DaVinci, Final Cut & CapCut in just 45 days!


MacBook Giveaways

Get a chance to win a MacBook to supercharge your learning journey – a tool to fast-track your freelance career!


Fiverr Fame Formula

Exclusive strategies to dominate Fiverr and attract premium projects.


Comprehensive Resource Library

Access an extensive collection of learning materials, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.


Community & Network Building

Learn directly from a Fiverr top-rated seller and discover the secrets to freelance success.


Client Connection Code

Essential tips for managing and wowing your clients, every time.


Sales and Negotiation Techniques

I’ll share the sales tactics and negotiation strategies that have worked for me, helping you to enhance your own skills in these areas.

🚀 BONUS: Enjoy access to Live classes & Recordings, Direct Feedback, an Ever-Growing Community, Pre-recorded Video Lessons and an Expansive Resource Library, templates, PDFs all curated from my personal experience and success toolkit.

Learn to edit videos that sells and Dominate market & Build your agency by Fast Tracking your freelancing career

Master The Art & Tactics of
Freelance Video Editing That Sells

Accelerate Your Path from
Freelancer to Founder!

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Learn Video Edit that Sells

Finally, Learn to Edit Videos
That Sell in Today’s Marketplace!

BDT 10,650


Fast Forward Freelance

Accelerate Your Path to Freelance Mastery
From Marketplace to Beyond

BDT 8,750

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Transform Your Career with Dedication, Not Shortcuts: Our courses are a gateway to real-world insights from my freelancing and entrepreneurial journey. Here, you won’t find quick fixes, but strategies that demand your engagement and application. Your commitment, dedication, and willingness to apply these learnings are crucial. Remember, true success comes from effort, adaptation, and perseverance, not just enrollment.

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While I can't guarantee specific outcomes, I'll share the strategies, insights, and real-life experiences that propelled me to success. Your gains will largely depend on your dedication, work ethic, and how you apply what you learn

The MacBook giveaway is a token of appreciation for active and engaged students. Eligibility is based on participation, assignment completion, and overall engagement throughout the course

Don't worry, we got your back. All the live class recording will be provided for you to watch later excluding the marketplace classes.

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Prices increasing from August