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Why are we here

We Know It's Tough Out There!

Freelancing's like a wild game of musical chairs especially on Fiverr & Beyond Marketplace, and you're hustling for a seat. Video editing? It's like solving a Rubik's cube that keeps changing colors.

It's a world where visibility is victory.

🚫 Invisible in the Crowd? Struggling to stand out among thousands of freelancers dying for attention.

🚫 First Reviews Out of Reach? Finding it tough to secure those crucial initial reviews to build your reputation.

🚫 Editing Software Maze? Overwhelmed by the complexity of video editing tools and techniques.

🚫 Pricing Puzzles? Uncertain how to value your work and set competitive yet fair rates.

🚫 Lost in Algorithm Land? Frustrated by seemingly random platform algorithms overshadowing your gigs.

🚫 Client Communication Chaos? Facing difficulties in managing client expectations and feedback.

🚫 Dollar Dreams Distant? Aspiring for substantial earnings but stuck in low-paying, undervalued gigs.

Unleash Your Potential
Unmatched Benefits Await at Digital Dropouts Academy!

🚀 Top-Rated Tactics: Learn directly from a Fiverr top-rated seller – that’s me! – and discover the secrets to freelance success.

💡 Business Brilliance: Transition from freelancer to founder with real-life lessons on scaling up, client management, and building a personal brand.

🌐 Global Freelancing Strategies: Benefit from my experience in setting up a successful international business, with tips on managing clients across borders.

🔴 Interactive Live Classes: Dive into real-time learning with live classes – a chance to interact, ask questions, and gain insights on the spot.

🎁 MacBook Giveaways: Get a chance to win a MacBook to supercharge your learning journey – a tool to fast-track your freelance career!

🌟 One-of-a-Kind Course Material: Experience unique course content you won’t find anywhere else, tailored from my personal success stories and industry secrets.

👨🏫 Mentorship from an Industry Expert: Direct guidance from someone who’s been there – a top-rated Fiverr freelancer and successful entrepreneur.

📚 Comprehensive Resource Library: Access an extensive collection of learning materials, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

💬 Community & Network Building: Join a community of like-minded individuals for networking, support, and collaboration opportunities.

Results we didn't even think were possible in just 18 months.

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"Everything shifted when we rewrote the script of our mindset and strategy – that's when the magic happened."

bhai ato taka kamaile course keno bikri kortesen?
course bole tabiz dhoraya diben naki?

“I share my secrets through these courses, creating a win-win wallet-filler: you skyrocket to success, and yes, I earn my fair share too by selling these courses (Duh!!)

It’s all about generating passive and sustainable income sources and I wish each and every successful students from our academy will generate multiple income streams like such in the near future!”

“Together, we’re not just laughing to the bank; we’re owning it.”

From Our Clients' Keyboards

Meet Rafayat Rakib:
Your Guide to Freelancing Success

Welcome to a space where expertise meets real-world experience! I’m Rafayat Rakib, a top-rated freelancer on Fiverr, a seasoned entrepreneur, and your mentor on this exciting journey.

From the early days of exploring video editing to scaling heights in the freelance world and establishing successful businesses, my path has been anything but ordinary. I’ve navigated the twists and turns of freelancing, figured out what makes clients stick, and learned how to grow a business from scratch — all so you don’t have to learn it the hard way!

What drives me? It’s the passion for sharing what I’ve learned with you. Whether it’s unlocking the secrets of Fiverr, mastering the art of client management, or taking the big leap into entrepreneurship, I’m here to guide you with practical strategies and personal insights.

Brands I have worked with

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Learn Video Edit that Sells

Finally, Learn to Edit Videos
That Sell in Today’s Marketplace!


Fast Forward Freelance

Accelerate Your Path to Freelance Mastery
From Marketplace to Beyond

FLAGSHIP Mentorship

Fiverr FInale
The Client whisperer

My Fiverr experiences are your guide.
Firsthand experiences, wins, and learning moments

FLAGSHIP Mentorship

Scaling Up
Freelance to founder

Learn from My Climb.
Real Stories and Lessons from Scaling Up.

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Transform Your Career with Dedication, Not Shortcuts: Our courses are a gateway to real-world insights from my freelancing and entrepreneurial journey. Here, you won’t find quick fixes, but strategies that demand your engagement and application. Your commitment, dedication, and willingness to apply these learnings are crucial. Remember, true success comes from effort, adaptation, and perseverance, not just enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The MacBook giveaway is a token of appreciation for active and engaged students. Eligibility is based on participation, assignment completion, and overall engagement throughout the course.

Sure can! Think of it as a backstage pass to the real-world show of freelancing and business, just be active and work hard & impress the team.

While I can't hand out success recipes, I can certainly give you the best ingredients to cook up something awesome.

Only the fun kind! Think of it as 'growth-work' – activities designed to build your freelance muscles.

While I can't guarantee specific outcomes, I'll share the strategies, insights, and real-life experiences that propelled me to success. Your gains will largely depend on your dedication, work ethic, and how you apply what you learn.

Not at all! Our courses are designed to accommodate beginners while offering valuable insights for those with some experience. I focus on foundational skills and build up to more advanced strategies.

Live classes are interactive and scheduled to accommodate diverse time zones. For those who miss a session, we offer recorded versions, except for certain live-only marketplace classes.

Digital Dropouts is built on real-world success and failure. I share not just the highlights but the lows as well, offering a comprehensive view of what it takes to succeed in today's digital economy.

While we can't promise a cape or superpowers, you'll definitely feel like a hero tackling the freelance world!

Yes, apart from freelancing fundamentals, I share insights on transitioning from a freelancer to an entrepreneur, covering team management, client acquisition, and scaling strategies.

Boring? Never! Our courses are more like a rollercoaster – thrilling, fun, and you might scream (but only with excitement).

Asking questions is GOOD! Feel free to drop by your queries here: